As the most recent addition to the Fire Emblem franchise, Fire Emblem Engage showcases many characters in a new art style compared to previous titles.

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While not everyone loved this art style, due to how different and anime-like it is, most people can agree that the game does have some interesting designs for its cast of characters. Like in every game, some designs stand out and are more memorable than others.


8 Celine

fee celica celine shadows of valentia

Celine is a Princess from Firene, the Kingdom of Abundance, as well as the younger sister to Crown Prince Alfred. Celine is the perfect Princess, calm and graceful, in addition to being the biggest connoisseur when it comes to tea, knowing everything about the subject and the best blends to drink.

When it comes to Celine, the first thing anyone notices is her dress. It is an extremely large ball gown with many ruffles that looks anything but practical on the battlefield. She also has two butterfly accessories in her hair as well as a large crown filled with flowers on her head.

7 Hortensia

Hortensia in a cutscene from FE Engage

Hortensia starts off as an antagonist that the player has to face multiple times before she finally joins the roster of characters. As the younger half-sister of Ivy, she is a part of the royal family of Elusia. Most of the time, she is childish and loves to let everyone know how cute she is.

Her outfit is very unique, being made up of a short puff-sleeved dress in dark blue, with light blue highlights. All over her outfit, she has roses and she wears a small tiara on her head. She also has a small heart on her right cheek.

6 Veyle

Veyle in a Fire Emblem Engage cutscene

Veyle is a character that joins the player’s party later on in the game. Very mysterious at the start of the game, she is revealed to be the daughter of the Fell Dragon Sombron, and, later on, the younger sister of the main character Alear. Due to a spell placed on her by Zephia, she has two personalities, one being evil, while the real one being kind.

Her main outfit is a feather-like white dress with blue and red accents. She also wears feathers on her head and shackles on her feet. Her hair is very long, reaching her feet, and is split between black and white colors.

5 Ivy

ivy and alcryst fire emblem engage

Ivy is the Crown Princess of Elusia, the Kingdom of Knowledge, as well as the older half-sister of Hortensia. Quiet and reserved, she has a mysterious aura around her that makes her a very likable character.

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Ivy’s design referents her character well. She wears a long, dark blue dress with a few roses on it. She also puts on white boots and white gloves with pointy pink thorns on them, alongside long laced socks with a rose drawing on them. On her head, she wears a fascinator. Overall, her design seems to be rose-inspired.

4 Yunaka

Yunaka in Fire Emblem Engage

Yunaka is an odd and quirky character from the game, as shown by her odd way of speech and her positive attitude, even though she also has a more serious side. She first encountered Alear and their allies when they were on their way to the shrine where the Ring of the Dawn Maiden rested.

She typically wears a tight purple suit with a cape, alongside gold-colored boots. What stands out most about her design is her pink hair that she has decorated with black and white stars all over.

3 Panette

Panette S-support in Fire Emblem Engage

At the service of the Princess of Solm, Panette is one of the two royal retainers. She is also Pandreo’s younger sister. Typically well-mannered and polite, she has a vulgar side that shows up during her battles.

Her outfit is composed of a black dress with fluffy accessories on her shoulders, as well as bandages on her arms. On her head, she wears a bow with flowers on it and what’s most interesting about her design is her face make up – scars drawn around her mouth, and a symbol next to her eye.

2 Merrin

Amber and Merrin talking in Fire Emblem Engage

Merrin is the second royal retainer to the Crown Princess of Solm, Timerra. She has an extravagant personality and a deep passion for animals and rare species – having a lot of curiosity when it comes to dragons, which makes her bug Alear a lot.

With her starting class being a Wolf Knight, her design is heavily based on that. She has short, blond hair and wears a blue top with fur She also sports claw-like gloves. The most memorable thing about her design is, perhaps, her wolf tail.

1 Timerra

Timerra fire emblem engage

Timerra is the Crown Princess of the Queendom of Solm, as well as Fugado’s older sister. Bubbly and full of energy, she’s the most energetic of the royal characters and a bright addition to the game, alongside her retainers.

Her design perfectly matches her personality and is unique and stands out. Her outfit is very colorful, being a white, pink, green, and yellow skirt and a short top. Most noticeable are the small balls of the same color she wears all over. Her eyes are also very pretty, having a star shape inside.

Fire Emblem Engage is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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