Jenna Ortega became a worldwide sensation with her performance in the comedy horror show Wednesday which was released on Netflix late last year. The actor played the role of Wednesday Addams who tries to control her developing psychic power while solving a mystery related to her parents. Her brilliant portrayal of the gloomy and mysterious character of Wednesday made Ortega an overnight pop sensation. NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has recently joined her long list of fans and admirers, highlighting a certain aspect of her performance.

Abdul-Jabbar is a bona fide activist who has always engaged with the pressing issues impacting the world. An avid participant in the discourse around socio-political and racial issues, Kareem runs a blog where he religiously comments on the trending topics for the day. In the recent update, the NBA great showed his admiration for the young actor, while also addressing a lot of issues relevant during the Women’s History Month.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar admires Wednesday Addams


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Apart from his political affiliations, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is an art connoisseur as well. His great taste in art is often evident in his film reviews and appreciation for good music. He has always used his platform and influence to promote art and artists.

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In his recent post on his blog, Kareem shared the popular dance scene from the Netflix series Wednesday. He highlighted the importance of confidence and abandonment of how people might perceive you. The NBA legend wrote, “I know I’ve shown this clip before, but there’s nothing like watching the complete abandonment and confidence in Wednesday’s dance to inspire one to be themselves.”

Interestingly, Kareem had criticized the famed serious in a previous installment. However, it seems like Jenna Ortega’s brilliant dance performance has won his approval after all.


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It will be interesting to see how the actor feels about praise coming for her portrayal of a role from such a respected figure in sports and public life. Abdul-Jabbar is also an acclaimed author. He has written several books, mostly on African-American issues plaguing America. A highly respected legend for the Los Angeles Lakers, Kareem has also contributed his opinions to the discussion around racial issues through newspapers and television debates.

A 19x NBA All-Star, Abdul-Jabbar held the NBA’s scoring record from 1984-2023, till LeBron James dethroned him earlier this year.

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